Bob Coy, pastor of megachurch Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale has been fired for multiple sexual affairs


Bob CoyBob Coy, pastor of  megachurch Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale has been fired for moral failure.

The buzz that started as an anonymous comment on has been confirmed.


According to numerous sources and documents we have obtained, Coy has already been dismissed by his board.

We have confirmed  that Coy has admitted to at least two affairs in the past year alone and has had a long standing “problem with pornography”.

There are suspicions among leadership that he has not yet fully confessed to all his infidelity.

No mention was made of the scandal at the church’s Saturday evening service, but attendees were informed that the church would hold a “family meeting” tomorrow at 4:30 EST.

Coy is also said to be releasing a “public apology” at that time.

His wife and family are said to have left Florida already.

The church is home to over 20,000 attendees and has over 1000 employees.

The shockwaves over Coy’s firing started spreading early this morning as the news leaked out.

The family and staff are naturally in shock, as is the leadership of Calvary Chapel nationally.

He was also a board member for the Calvary Chapel Association, which has already removed him from it’s ‘leadership” page.

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